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Yasenny Camejo
Marketing Consultant

Yasenny helps small to medium businesses gain clarity on their marketing plans, learn the fundamentals of marketing, and learn where to put their marketing resources.

Running your business requires you to wear multiple hats and often times handing off your marketing campaigns and digital marketing advertising to agencies and other experts. Often handing these off to multiple experts in different silos will lead to overlapping budget spends, no oversight, and a lack of goal attainment or understanding of the goals.

Yasenny is an expert in marketing development processes to help your company analyze and evaluate your marketing strategies, activities, goals, and results. While the process takes time, the results can be informative and refocus your communication messages to the right customers, reveals new, unknown, or neglected markets, and helps redefine current strategies and plan to help increase market share.

  • Strategic planning helps to identify new market opportunities as well as new competitive threats.
  • Regularly reviewing your current plan allows you to evaluate where you are spending resources (time and money).
  • Formalizing your marketing plan allows you to create a path!