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Melissa Gallway
Property & Casualty Insurance

Melissa Gallway founded Excellence First Insurance Specialist in July of 2017. Before that, she had been insuring families throughout the United States while working for USAA as a military spouse.

Melissa has carried an insurance license in all 50 states. During her career with USAA, she was constantly looking for a challenge. She helped train and mentor employees as a Senior Member Specialist as a means to fulfill that need for a challenge, but it wasn’t enough.

After a PCS move back to Florida, Melissa decided to expand her horizons in the independent insurance industry. After working under a fellow colleague and conquering the independent market, Melissa decided she found her life's calling and opened her own agency. While Melissa may hold a special place in her heart for the years of insurance experience serving military families, she now serves the Brandon community and the State of Florida as a whole with the many personal and commercial insurance products available to her as an independent insurance agent.